Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: Day 6

The Ministry of Education (what is left of it) has declared that all schools will remain closed until further notice. No fuel or other commodities have found their way here. MINUSTAH Coordinator DaSilva said that the authorities are aware of the need and that something is being done. There's no more medicine in town and the great need is for pain-killers and anesthesia. EdH went off this morning and there's been no word if it will go back on-- that's electricity.
Prices are skyrocketing for everything. X-rays cost us 1,000 Gourdes last week. This week they are 2,200 Gourdes. In US dollars, that's $25 to $55 in three days. We have no cash and the money we have at the bank in inaccessible. Food is getting rarer and more expensive. Thank goodness we have good credit so we could purchase rice, beans, oil... at our regular food distributor. We now have enough for a week.
We were asked at the Coordinating meeting to feed the patients of Bonne Fin, a Baptist Hospital about 30 minutes from town on the way to PaP, near Cavaillon. There are 300 patients with family members there. Nathalie, Berthony and assistants will be going there tomorrow to teach the cooks how to prepare the IFRP food packets. There are widespread rumors about riots as people are getting fed up with being gouged by profiteers and the lack of response by the local authorities.
Things will get ugly unless supplies start coming in from PaP. We appreciate the work you are all doing to benefit the Haitians in their time of need. Don't forget to pray.


  1. Hi Marc,
    We were members of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc parish in Lowell MA when you were in ministry there. I just came upon your blog and am so pleased to see you making such a difference in the lives of God's poor in Haiti. I have been out of work for 9 months but have just sent you a $100 donation, If/when I can find work I'll send more. You and your people are in our prayers.
    Bob & Paula Matte
    Nashua, NH USA

  2. Have you given more thought to how people can help if you can't access donations through your bank? How can we send financial assistance to your group if you aren't getting what people send through the donation tab of your website?

  3. I have sent money and asked others to do the same. How is it going to get to you at this point? Is there something better to do at this particular time?

  4. Dear Father Marc,

    Through Cross International we made a donation to your orphanage. We sincerely hope and pray that the medical supplies, water tablets, and food arrive soon. God bless you for the work that you do. May God bless your staff and most importantly, the children. Cross International has pledged that 100% of all donations to your project will go directly to your mission. May Our Lady of Guadalupe shower you with blessings and continued strength.


    Ana & Johnny Perez
    Thibodaux, LA