Friday, January 29, 2010

Update Day 17B

Our medical team had a busy day today. The ortho folks worked on 16 badly injured patients, Dokte Cynthia helped out in pediatrics again and transported a 76 y/o lady with a broken pelvis to Hopital Brenda where a Brazilian medical team was waiting. Linda and Dokte C. met an airplane that flew in from CA with meds, supplies and food. A friend, John Dunkle, came in today and brought some walkie-talkies (thank you, John) and some some very much appreciated cash. The bank says that transfers should be able to get through tomorrow. That would be WONDERFUL!
We continue to feed the prisoners and I have to thank Dino for all his hard work in preparing the food and the young community guys for distributing it to the 450 inmates. The prison now has a supply of food but no way to prepare it so we will be repairing their kitchen facility in the next day or two.
The local Social Welfare folks have asked us to take in two more boys who have come in from PaP so you'll be seeing their mugs here soon.
People often ask what is needed and my list contains stuff that you can easily imagine like food, medicine, fuel, clothing, shoes, towels, sheets, mattresses... but there's one thing I wish we had and that is a portable x-ray machine. There are two antiquated machines here in Cayes and it is a wonder the docs can read the results. I dream of a new machine that does not require messy developing fluid but is connected to a laptop. X-rays could be read by specialists anywhere there is internet. It is too late to get one now for this current crisis but what a boon this would be for better medical care here in the future.
That's it for now. A demain.

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  1. I can not wait to see the beautiful faces of your two new boys! Thank you soooo much for taking them and all that you are doing. Thank you to all your staff, volunteers and kids for helping as much as they all do.

    May of us wish we could be there to help.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.