Thursday, January 14, 2010

No news engenders fear

We have had dozens of requests for assistance from folks here in the south wanting to go to PaP to seek out loved ones. I can understand their frustration at having no news and fearing the worst but we simply cannot subsidize these trips at this time. One of our guards, Toussaint, heard that one of his relatives was killed and that the family home was destroyed. He wants to go get them and bring them here. I am afraid that this will only become more frequent and that soon we will have to deal with thousands of displaced (refugee) people. The local general hospital is already filled with people who were hurt in the capitol. There are doctors and nurses but nothing else. No medicine, no sheets, no bandages, no food for them. Some are languishing on the floor. Keep them and us in your prayers.


  1. Dear Father Marc,
    I know communications are difficult but I wondered if you'd heard anything about the priest from St. Laurent Parish, Father Max Mathieu. I'm from a parish in Maine (St. Joseph's in Farmington) who has twinned with his parish through the Parish Twinning Program -- we haven't been able to contact him and we're all quite concerned.

    I'm relieved that your children are all safe, and I'll pray that conditions improve soon.

    Thank you.

  2. Fr. Marc
    I am glad to hear that everyone is OK at ESPWA! Your blog has been a relief to see that SOME information is making it out! Our prayers are with you all! Let Linda and Peter know I am thinking of all of you! See you soon!

    Medical Missions South Haiti